My commitment

I am ready to invest myself in any study that will be conducted towards better knowledge of the concept:

My knowledge acquired during 100+ hours of flights, as well as the raw and elaborated datas from 10-day wind-tunnel campaign can be shared free of charge.

In addition I can make my Glasair available, for flight tests of any modifications.

Following projects can be foreseen in wind tunnel:

1- Better knowledge of circulation through the W.V.E

2- Blowing a W.V.E stand alone to:
   a- Determine if Poisseuille flow law, could apply?
   b- Determine if a typical shapping of W.V.E trailling edge, can reach the Kutta condition?  

3- Visualization with LDV (Laser Doppler Velocimeter)

4- FFT analyzer; I suspect an acoustic phenomenon.

5- To examine any suggestion

Foreseen program :

1- Test to be performed with more sophisticated analyzers to collect the data in different flights configurations.

2- Flies to be performed at high altitude where results should be more significant. Since the equation for induced drag is:
 Di = k*(2/P*rho*e)*(W/b)^2*(1/V), higher altitude has lower density (rho), and thus higher induced drag: consequently WVEs are more efficient in higher altitudes.     

Concept application in other areas:

Helicopter and airplane blades

Electric windmill blades

Any lifting body that need rapidly dissipated trailing vortices ...


If you have comments or suggestions, Email me : Henri CHOROSZ, at

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