-Electronics and Mechanics.

-Former IBM System Architect  during 31 years + 5 years with French Railways Organization.

-Now on my Retirement Plan.


My Home-Builder project:

A duplication of Charles A. LINDBERGH flight:
To select a US kit, I wrote a PC model to check capabilities of an airplane that can fulfill my project.
(static margin, fuel needed, structural strength, modifications...)

My final choice was a Glasair FT-II - 180cv
Modified for a range of 4260 miles, 150 gallons of fuel, 2500 # GW 15% over SH GW. With additional seat Tanks 200 Gallons of fuel.

Representative routes flown:

1- Coast to Coast. (Teeterborro to Arlington) NY-WA (TEB-AWO 6/10/1995) 2381.1 miles

2- Corner to Corner (Port-Angeles to Homestead) WA-FL (CLM-X51 7/6/1995) 2789.3 miles

3- New-York to Paris* (Charles A. LINDBERGH Route)* (KISP- LFPB 7/19/1995) 3709.8 miles at a speed of 197.12 mph and 28.42 m/g.

4- Cannes to Lakeland France-USA (3 legs)

5- Monterey to Kahului CA-HA (KMRY-PHOG 8/23/1996) 2339.7 statute miles, at a speed of 162.48 mph

6- Kahului to Phoenix HA-AZ (PHOG-KIWA 8/28/1996) 2858.6 miles at a speed of 165.24 mph

7- New-York to Cannes USA-France none-stop* (KISP-LFMD 5/22/1997) 4052.5 miles at 188.42 Mph 29.27 m/g.

8- Dakar Senegal to Lakeland Florida Africa to Florida* (GOOY-KLAL 4/9/1999)

9- Modesto to Hilo Hawaii (KMOD-PHTO 7/18/1999) 2387.2 miles at a speed of 186.49 Mph

10- Hilo Hawaii to Oshkosh HA-WI* (PHTO-KOSH 7/21/1999) 4122.4 SM at a Speed of 181.49 Mph

11- Santa Anna to Hilo CA-HA. (KSNA-PHTO 3/21/2000) 2470.7 SM at a speed of 194.49 Mph

12- Hilo Hawaii to Lakeland Florida* (PHTO-KLAL 3/30/2000) 4582.2 SM at a speed of 179.35 Mph

13- Bellingham Washington to Nome Alaska WA-AL (KBLI-PAOM 7/18/2000) 1652 SM

14- Nome Alaska to Oshkosh Wisconsin AL-WI (PAOM-KOSH 7/20/2000) 3162.8 SM at 179.70 Mph

15- Bangor Maine to Cannes France* (KBGR-LFMD 7/8/2001) 3609 SM at 191.67 Mph

16- Cannes France to Niamey Niger** (LFMD-DRRM 11/17/2002) 2074.5 at 150.14 Mph

17- Niamey Niger to Capetown South Africa** (DRRM-FACT 11/19/2002) 3363.7 at a speed of 167.55 Mph

18- FACT South Africa to South Pole and ended up with a crash at Marion Island (FACT-FAME 11/23/2002)

19- FAUP South Africa to FACT a shakedown flight around South Africa countries of a flight of 13h54m

20- Check flight for sale (FACT-FACT) 5/24/2005 sale concluded 5/25/2005

All long flights are based on distance along great circle, and they were conducted under IFR rules; consequently you cannot fly along great circle and in addition the diversions to avoid weather conditions the distances flown are higher: So the average ground speed is of course higher too!

* Flights recorded as "FAI World Records"

** ATC controllers faxed Takeoff and Landing certificates in time; but due to crash situation I missed the window of two weeks to apply my demand to FAI and my both flights records ended up in trash basket!


I built it and I am flying it: I am pioneering the Dan GOLDIN vision for GA to put the America on wings.
My "Little Transatlantic" is made of composite, is cheap, safe, easy to operate. On top of that, it is to my knowledge the only airplane , that has a long haul business airplane range and is qualified for aerobatics (+6 -4 Gs)


For my future long courses plan, to fly with my "Little Transatlantic", like DAKAR Senegal to Sun & Fun (4300+ miles). I was seeking for an extended endurance. After a complete tuning of my Glasair to squeeze out extra speed, the only domain left was the induced drag. Since my electronic background, I got the freedom to deviate from the paved aerodynamic street, and came with the application of the Biot-Savart Law to design the WVE. (See"How it works)


If you have comments or suggestions, email me, Henri CHOROSZ, at

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