WVE Wake Vortex Eliminator*

WVE Fitted in a Wing
Designed and Fly tested by Henri CHOROSZ
Picture speaks for itself "No Wake Vortex any more" !!!!!

*The Feature is referred as WVE in the rest of the text.
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As you can see on the picture the wake vortexes are significantly modified, the direct benefit of the feature is an induced drag reduced of about 30%. That was measured during test flights and in a wind tunnel.


On the first flight the following benefits were observed:

1- A shorter take off run.

2 - Better climb rate.

3- Around 5 knots increased speed at 15500 feet; 160 kts versus 155 kts.

4- A rectangular wing fitted with WVEs gets better characteristics than an elliptical one, by a margin of around 30%, and is easier to build. Existing wingtips can be easily retrofitted with the concept.

These points were the justification to patent world-wide  the  idea. (PCT/FR98/00578).


Nevertheless: "A good idea that is not shared with others will gradually fade away and bear no fruit. But when it is shared, it lives forever because it is passed from one person to another and grows as it goes"

Signed: Lowell FILMORE

That is to say:  Anybody who wants to work and use the concept is free to do it for his own benefit. That excludes any type of business based on the patented concept.

The best way to share an idea nowadays is by making my experiences available to any body interested via a "WEB SITE".

I hope that descriptions test flights and wind tunnel results, as well as data, will be of some interest to the web visitors.

This is my first experience as a WEB publisher, so please be kind with me.

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If you have comments or suggestions, Email me, Henri CHOROSZ, at Hchorosz@aol.com

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