Projects conducted by a French team in PARIS.

Two projects, based on WVEs, took place in Paris around October 98.

Two electrically powered models built by Jacques BERCHATSKY were equipped with WVEs and had been flight tested by Christian CHAUZIT.

Their report was published in the MRA (Modèle Réduit d'Avion) , issued in December 98.

To summarize their numbers, best results were achieved in slow stable flight: the gain in number of amp/hour was 6.48Ah/4.75Ah = 1.364: That makes a lower electrical consumption of 36.4%.
This figure is remarkable, due to slow flight.  


Picture of both airplanes involved in WVE tests.  


Installation and flight test in an Helicopter:

Christian also installed WVEs in helicopter blades; results were the following:

1- The power gain is not significant.

2- The noise level is much lower, and yield ,  on stationary flight, an attenuation of around 33%. Tests are still on progress and will be published later on.

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